Wall-Air Discharging Venitlators for Handcraft and Industry

Fully automated overcharged temperatures! comfortable climate for our employees! protect your products on hot weather days!


 Advantages of the DWA 5000 system at a glance
  • available in step-switchable(DWA 5000) or stageless adjustable (DWA 5000 EK - electronically commutated) completion.
  • the systems are working fully automated with thermostat-controller or with the Doll comfort-system, discharging surplus heat to the outside in summer time.
  • serially equipped with insect-screen.
  • weather protective grid with automatically and stageless opening fins.
  • wall mounting unit and casing made of stainless-steel.
  • wall plate in standardised or special-measurements available depending on building construction.
  •  intake and exhaust protective-grid on the intake-side in the building quipped as standard. 
  • motor protected from humidity and dust.
  • only low measurements required for installation depth.
  • high performance discharging-capacity at lowest acoustic emissions and energy consumption. 
  • air-throughput up to 5000 m³ /h.


The robust and durable DWA systems are mounted very quickly and easily via the serially-equipped wall-mounting plate and create a significantly comfortable climate in buildings. plants, employees or customers in sales-rooms are protected from overcharged temperatures. For fully automatic operation the standard-version devices are either equipped with a step-switchable motor with 5-step switch and thermostat or alternatively with a stageless adjustable motor in 0-10 voltage controller with the Doll comfort-system.

Both systems are working outmost energy-saving by the use of efficient motor design, reliable and free of maintenance.

A quick, safe and more comfortable climate in the building !

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