Tent Heaters

For the heating of tents we are manufacturing mobile devices as well as devices in container-/trailer- design in each case in combination with a specifically matched set of tent-heating accessories, as there are Doll- blow-out towers (utility patent / patent), specially designed hot-air tubes and also ceiling-ventilators for air-recirculation to the floor area.

Doll tent blow-out towers for an equal heat-allocation in party-, trade-fair-, festival- and club-tents.

The systems are providing in combination with mobile Doll Air-heaters a noticeable homogeneous and comfortable heat allocation in the tent, th towers are height-adjustable to the individual construction of the tent. The heat allocation is adjustable vertically and horizontally.

Doll ceiling ventilators for tents
  • they are operating by a thermostat controller fully automated below the tent ceiling in the ridge are.
  • the airflow is precisely adaptable to the tent conditions over the adjustable jalousie shutters on the bottom side.
  • they don't create any inconvenient draft-effects for people standing below because these devices are regulated by a 5-step-switch, this also has a positive effect concerning acoustic emissions !
  • quick and easy installation provided by serially-equipped attachment eyes.
  • protected from dust / humidity and acoustic emission encapsulated external-rotor ventilator motors that guarantee a long durability and safe operation.
  • the electrical connection is easily provided by the serially-equipped terminal box.
  • Doll DV devices have been standing the test of time for years in festival tents in aspects like energy-saving + better heat allocation.
  • efficient temperature-balancing system, that can reduce heating-costs up to 30% at minimal complexity and additionally provides a better heat allocation.




The heating of large and high festival– and trade fair-tents requires an enormous amount of energy. Based on the law of physics, heat rises up and forms a heat cushion below the tent's ceiling – which is normally badly insulated, the pent-up air is getting lost transmission to the outside and in the bottom floor area is a lack of warmth.

Conventional ceiling ventilators are providing no help in tents because they don't move the air with enough directed kinetic energy,  that way the downward air-flow tears off far from the ground and the heat rises up again.

As recently as the special Doll- DV 500 devices are offering a systematic feedback of heat in the floor area and are allowing utilisation of pent-up heat, before it gets lost through the roof – and this without any draft effects! In the summer time they work as a fully-automatic aeration system !

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