Air-Climate Central Devices - Type Series ZG

Doll climate central devices are suited for heating, aeration and partial air-conditioning of garages, industrial halls, stores, offices and administrative buildings.


Climate central devices, type series ZG

The type series ZG is manufactured in 10 installation sizes with an appropriate capacity grading ranging from 1000 m³/h air-throughput up to 47 000 m³/h. The devices are designed as a modular system. For every function like heating, aeration and filtering there is a corresponding component available. 

Therefore, for every requirement the optimum device can be chosen. The allocation of the system in individual, functional devices allows, if required, an unproblematic placement into the installation site.


The devices are constructed with a self-supporting frame made of buckling resistant, double-shelled pressed aluminium poles with special corner connectors. Mounted in the framing are double-walled, insulated casing plates in zinc-coated or lacquered completion, both screwed in air-proof. 

Double sided priming low- or high pressure ventilators with vee-belt drive. Ventilator and fan-motor are both mounted on a swinging frame. Drive motor optionally in one  or multi stage switching , also available in stageless adjustable completion. Recuperators equipped as standard  CuAl completion, if demanded also in steel zinc-coated or stainless-steel completion.

The type series ZG is therewith also suitable for the operation with pump hot water or steam. The air filters are, depending on the requirement, completed as flat-filters or short-filters in all prevalent filter classes and are also detachable. These devices are serially manufactured for indoor use, if demanded also available in a weather proof version. For easy maintenance all devices are equipped with maintenance side doors in front of ventilator and motor. On customer request, these devices are also available in noise-reduced designs.

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