Doll - Process Engineering

In the sector of process engineering we are your reliable manufacturer.
Whatever the required solution is - the supplying of process heat for example by desiccation processes of the drying-chamber-procedure, or  high-temperature devices for process engineering or specially designed combustion chambers/ recuperators: We are offering you the corresponding solutions for your requirement.


Our standard program in process engineering

  • combustion chamber / recuperators up to 300°C blow-up temperature for oil or gas firing equipped with optionally framing or casing.
  • burner chamber and heat exchanger for normal operation mode and for condenser operation mode.
  • framing and casing with maintenance side doors in different insulation thickness depending on the blow up temperature.
  • directly fired supply-air devices, also in by pass completion, for oil or gas firing completely with ventilator component
  • supply-air devices with hot-water/steam register or electrical register

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For decades our systems are being utilised in these exemplary branches:

  • at concrete factories for drying of concrete components, wall components...
  • automotive industries and the suppliers to industry for vehicle-drying processes, or for the drying of plastic components.
  • spraying  and drying booth application for vehicles
  • synthetics manufacturing industries - for production or desiccation of parts
  • engine test benches for systematic simulation of airflows 
  • in the agriculture sector for crop and hay drying

We are very familiar in developing an economic and reliable solutionfor every single upcoming need or problem in close operation  with our customers.
We are pleased to make you an offer that suits your needs and requirements.

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