Mobile Heaters for Industry Type Series K

Trendsetting technology with novel combustor and recuperator geometry for the energy-saving heating and aeration of industry halls, craft halls, tents, construction site heating and drying. 

In the case of a stronger pressing or priming is desired, for instance when using film-tube distribution, all devices are available in specifically customised completion with high-pressure ventilators.



  • ranging from 20 to 150 KW heating power... and 1450 up to 11000 m³/h air-throughput
  • universal system for indoor and outdoor operation - fully automatic • autonomous •space saving
  • all devices are available for film-tube-connector or long-range-distributor (utility patent / CH-patent).


For the respective field of application we are able to supply you with a wide range of accessories  from the special accessory programme - please order our special brochure of type-series K.

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Technical specifications

Type heating power air throughput
K 20 HD 20 kW ~1450 m³ / h
K 30 HD 34 kW ~2300 m³ / h
K 50 HD 54 kW ~5050 m³ / h
K 70 HD 70 kW ~5550 m³ / h
K 103 HD 110 kW ~9800 m³ / h
K 103 HD-S 150 kW ~11000 m³ / h


The comparative advantages at a glance : 

  • mobile  but features all advantages of a stationary unit, high performance fitted in a compact + practical construction.
  • containing both: heater + aeration device for applying jack at 230 V / 50 Hz and fully automatic with thermostat controller connector.
  • automated heating of the oil filter regarding all systems up to K70HD (from device K103H - available as accessory).
  • barely no servicing + maintenance friendly.
  • exhaust fume lines completely accessible.
  • combustor and recuperator made of special stainless steel.
  • K20HD V self-cleaning function made possible by vertical plate recuperator.
  • connectable to exhaust pipes.
  • on top situated downthrow track burner excluded from dusty-area.
  • high performance burner from Elco or Weishaupt completely mounted and calibrated.
  • casing robust and and free from torsion effects.
  • protected from corrosion: fully zinc-coated + plastic coated.
  • designed in double-walled completion for recycling radiation heat.
  • two stable handles, two carrying handles, four crane ears.
  • end-to-end design with welded U-profile axis.
  • wide and high vulcanised rubber tyres.
  •  serially equipped with needle beared tyres from K 70 .
  • capable of connecting oil-supply line - single or double string.
  • external rotor ventilator with encapsulated motor.
  • electr. fan motor protected by the use of a thermo relay.
  • high performance air-throughput with low level acoustic emissions.
  • switching board with operation and switching lamps.
  • safety temperature limiter - inherently safe. 
  • electrical controlling + adjusting devices mounted protectively in the switching cabinet. 
  • connection possible with a combustor burner protective case.
  • German DIN standardisation parts and components.
  • operation with no exhaust line attached, connection available for hot air film tubes or Doll- long range air distributor.


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