Introducing Ourselves...

Doll Air Heaters - the intelligent solution for your heating challenges.

You can trust us, we manufacture with an expertise for decades!

Our company has built up a decade-long expertise of experience in manufacturing economic heating systems for rooms via direct firing heating systems for operation with gas or heating oil.

Our handcraft manufactory has never abandoned this method of heating, which is in technical and economical efficiency barely surpassable, but has been consequently developing and refining products further. 

With Us, you are dealing with People! We do not only live with our products, we are growing with your project's requirements.

Based on our prolific expert know-how and specialisation, we can nowadays offer you universal heating systems in top-shelf quality and high-tech standards for every occurring heating challenge. 

We and our numerous distribution and service partners are providing you with guiding know-how and practical help even in the after-sale business. In case a system failure needs to be resolved, our manufactory service department, our local representation or our contracted service partners will help you in an immediate and unbureaucratic way. 

DOLL - Custom made devices!  Comprehensive Accessories!

Our universal, customisable basic devices in addition with the modular, comprehensive accessories programme are offering you a technically optimized and economic solution for your specific heating challenge. We can even offer you special parts within short time due to our flexible sheet metal forming production. 

Our engineers and technicians are willingly working out a custom made offer that fits your requirements and wishes. Be amazed how cost-effective a fresh-mixed-air or supply-air heating device from DOLL Wärmetechnik can be - trust your expert.

DOLL - a partner that will care from A to Z!

We are not only providing you with heating systems, but also if requested,  a warm air heating system which is completely matched on your specific requirement according to the newest directives, technical codes and exhaust fume regulations. We are saving you the long-winded and formal search for single components at many different vendors.

DOLL - Air Heaters - custom made mobile + stationary warmth !

In industry halls and warehouses, as workshop heating, in greehouses and agriculture farms, in trade fair and exhibition halls, for adequate warming in churches, in tennis-, gym- and festival halls, in dryer- and supply-air-facilities, just everywhere where fully automated heating and instant heat has to be provided/gener
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