Horticulture - Ventilators


           This technique is going to convince you:
  • extremely safety operated  external rotor motor in 2 versions : 
    available with step-switchable motor (DV 5000) or in Doll EC technology with stageless adjustable motor (DV 5000 EK).
  • motor protected from humidity, dust and UV-irradiation.
  • lowest acoustic emissions - also for use in showrooms. 
  • high performance air-throughput by the use of sickle-fin design. 
  • low power consumption trough the use of novel bearing technology in the motor.
  • protective grid mounted on front of motor and blow-out side according to UW and BG-regulations. simple electrical connection trough the use of serially equipped terminal box. 
  • 5-step rotation speed controller for step-switching motor versions or Doll energy-saving controllers for stageless adjustable motor versions.
    (Doll accessories programme)
  • casing made of stainless-steel in high gloss finished completion against shadow effects. 
  • equipped as standard attachment eyes.
  • Very good air allocation trough the use of specially designed air deflectors.
  • very compact type of construction: length 510 mm, diameter 500 mm.

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  • provides an improved aeration of cultivation and a more homogeneous heat allocation especially in the low-temperature range and in long greenhouses. 
  • improvement of the long range distribution when operating air-heaters and at the same time fewer operating cycles, shorter run time and thereby better utilisation of the energy input . 
  • reduction of cold- and frost-zones in the greenhouse. 
  • better discharging of cultivation plant-air and fewer thermal displacement in vertical direction. improved swirling for pollination. fewer input of pesticides necessary because the systems air-dynamics are preventing from plant-cultivation diseases. 
  • avoiding condenser effects in buildings, on synthetic foil or horticultural glass.
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