Ceiling Ventilators and Energy-Saving Systems for Industry



The basic problem...

Heating of industrial buildings require in comparison relatively high energy consumption. According to physical laws, without heat recirculation systems, heat goes up - independently from what kind of heat generation is used for the heating of the industrial building. This results in high transmission heat losses to the outside and in high energy costs. During the summer, industrial buildings are often too hot, and they lack sufficient fresh air supply plus soft and comfortable ventilation.

Unsatisfactory attempts to solve the problem...

Conventional ceiling fans provide a comparatively
unsatisfactory solution: At high speed, the air is
only centrally guided downward - the high impact speed on the ground makes the opposite
Warm air layers faster in counterproductive ways
rise upwards. Also arise unpleasant Drafts among the systems. at low speed, the air too little specific kinetic energy given and the heat rises in half
Height again on thermally upwards. It gives
no homogeneous heat distribution. Of further
energetic disadvantage is the comparatively high
Power consumption.

DOLL Turbulator
The intelligent solution...

Only specially developed and patented turbulators from DOLL enable a targeted recirculation of the heat to the floor area. Without any draft effects, the heat is recirculated and stopped from going up, regardless of the existing heating system. The result is a comfortable and consistent climate in industrial buildings. With the motor technology from DOLL and its high and efficient EC-motor, devices consume less power than traditional ceiling fans. They are significantly more effective, produce better airflow and less noise emissions and have no draft effects. DOLL Turbulator® technology permits penetration of complex high shelf systems and transports heat in cold corners.




Advantages of the patented Doll turbulators in comparison:

Advantages of the patented Doll turbulators in comparison:


targeted heat circulation without draft effects through the turbulator
heat is circulated and stopped from raising up


it results in a comfortable and consistent climate in industrial buildings

high energy savings through reduced operation times of the heating systems and pump cycles

important for obtaining a certification for new buildings according to EnEV
(Energy Saving Ordinance)

comparatively much lower power consumption than other systems

Doll’s turbulator jet technology works even in buildings with high machines and/or storage facilities and transports heat in cold corners.
Condensation of humidity and as a result, prevention of rust and mold growth on warehouse goods.

Stainless steel or powder coated housing in the desired color as per RAL
are continuously and comfortably adjustable via the energy-saving control from Doll or can be connected to the existing building automation technology.

No additional “energy destruction” through rule systems such as transformer switching devices but instead 0-10 V control

Unique, radial, and even heat circulation in Helix geometry through patented turbulator

improved air climate in supermarkets


more comfortable working climate for your employees



With existing roof ventilation, it is possible to mix the air in the industrial building with fresh outdoor air.


The devices do not only offer an energy benefit, but also significant benefits feeling comfortable in winter and summer!



Independently from the type of heating systems, Turbulatoren® are the cheapest energy efficiency measures with simultaneous advantages of feeling comfortable in new buildings as well as older buildings! Subsequent insulation does not have the same energy effect at comparatively much higher investment costs!



We offer you our patented technology in three practical service sizes: Doll Turbulator DV 5000, DV 8000 and the newest Turbulator DV 15000








 depending on the type of building, its size and use




All systems function with the high efficiency of Doll’s EC motor technology, which uses comparatively much less energy than traditional ceiling fans.




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