Army Heating Systems

We are manufacturing mobile devices and devices in container/trailer-type design specifically constructed for different kinds of armed forces customized to their operating conditions and needs. Because of secrecy reasons we are not able to display all systems on this web page. As a showcase example we present subsequently an all-round mobile heating device for infantry troop-units. 

The mobile heating device K 20 HD/T in robust completion made for the rough army operation on the battlefield : Air heating device with oil tank, oil-

burner and high-pressure radial ventilator fully integrated and protected from humidity, dust, dirt, sand and snow. Especially rugged construction for heating, respectively aerating tents and rooms or for punctiform heating out doors. 

  • Elco-Klöckner burner for either diesel fuel or fuel oil, electrical operation integrated and sheltered by a protective shielding. 
  • special high-pressure radial ventilator for reliable operation with hot-air tubes or blowing out, fully integrated and protected in the  casing.
  • combustion chamber + recuperator made out of stainless steel in heat-resisting and acid-resisting finish.
  • stainless steel tank integrated with a big fuel filler neck and detachable, brazen tank safeguard-strainer.
  • burner with automatic oil preheating.
  • device with automatic oil preheating.
  • noise-reduced design for lowest-level acoustic emissions.
  • device is shielded double-walled in flame-resistant completion. 
  • selector switch for heating or aeration.
  • fully automatic operation by room thermostat possible.
  • complete safety monitoring fully integrated.
  • modular assembly with standard components for easy and quick service on the spot.
  • four grips and crane hangers.
  • rugged  vulcanised rubber tyre chassis.
  • insulated hot air tubes, Y-distributors and perforated hot air distributor-tubes available as auxiliary equipment.
  • burner, ventilator and electrical components are protected from humidity, dirt and sand.
  • suitable toolboxes available in the accessories programme. servicing affiliates can be found worldwide.
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